We ship to Australia and NZ!


Do you ship outside of Australia?
Yes! We currently also ship to New Zealand and looking at adding more countries in the near future. 

How much is shipping?
We understand how frustrating it is to pay for shipping so we decided to foot most of the bill for you! Our shipping costs are structured like this:
If you spend UNDER $15.95 the shipping price is $5.50
If you spend OVER $15.95 (that's just 1 large bag!) the shipping price from then on is a flat rate of only $3.50
If you spend OVER $36 you get FREE SHIPPING!
This way you can order your favourite blends with confidence and ease.

How long will my item take to ship?
Your item will be processed within 2 days and delivery times vary between 2-7 days depending on where you are. 

International orders may take longer.  

Do you sell samples?
We do! Samples are $2 each. If you are making a sample-only order, please email us at 90degrees.tea@gmail.com so we can organise free shipping for you! 

Do you have tea bags?
Not pre-packaged, however, we do sell convenient do-it-yourself tea bags!

How do I make the 'perfect' cup of tea?
There are brewing instructions on the back of each bag. Please read these carefully so you can create the absolute best cup of tea! 

Why do you hide your tea leaves in a dark bag?
Air and light destroy the integrity of tea leaves, so we have black bags that are heat sealed to ensure you have the absolute best quality tea that's possible!

Are you an organic tea brand?
We use 100% organic tea leaves and most of our herbs are also organic. You will be able to see exactly which herbs aren't organic both on our website in the ingredients list and on the back of your bag. We would like to use 100% organic herbs in the near future.

Do you add any 'natural flavours' or preservatives to your teas?
Absolutely not! The only flavour you will get from our tea is from the herbs, spices and flowers added to our blends